How to remove Audible DRM and Convert AAX/AA to MP3

All audiobooks offered by Audible come with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection, so you can only play them on Audible designated devices and apps. For example, when you want to play Audible audiobooks with iTunes on a new computer, you need to anthorize this computer for your Audible account. If you want to play Audible audiobooks more freely, you need to remove Audible DRM and convert AA/AAX to MP3.

Here we will show you 2 Audible Converter tools for you to remove Audible DRM.

Method 1 Remove Audible DRM with Pazu Audible Converter

Audible Converter

Audible Converter

  • Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, etc.
  • Preserve 100% original quality.
  • Keep all ID3 tags.
  • Keep audiobook chapters.

Step 1 Install Pazu Audible Converter

Download, install and run Pazu Audible Converter on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2 Add Audible audiobooks

Drag&drop the audiobooks you want to remove DRM from.

convert aax to M4A

Step 3 Convert Audible AAX Books to MP3

Click Convert to convert your Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3 with 100% original quality.

convert Audible to M4A

Note: The Lossless refers to M4A format. Audiobook converter also supports converting Audible aa/aax audiobooks to other formats like MP3, M4B, AC3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AIFF and WAV. Click Options - Advanced to change output format.

Bookmarks work with M4A format. If you choose other format, such as MP3, bookmarks are not available.

Click Options button and choose splitting audiobook by equal minutes, equal parts or chapters.

Method 2 Remove Audible DRM with Ondesoft iTunes Converter

Ondesoft iTunes Converter is a professional DRM audio conversion tool that allows you to remove DRM from Apple Music songs, iTunes audiobook and Audible audiobooks and convert to MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R, MKA or WAV.

Download Download

Once launched, Ondesoft iTunes Converter will load your iTunes library automatically. So make sure you have added the Audible audiobooks to iTunes library.

Click Audiobooks in the left side, check the Audible audiobooks you want to remove DRM on the right side. Choose output format and then click Convert.