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Why do you need to have an Audible Audiobook Converter?

Do you like going through audiobooks whenever you get the time? Are you bored of reading hard copies and carrying them everywhere? Then here is the solution for you. If you don't want to have hard copies with you all the time for your favourite books then you can go for the audiobook format. But sometimes it is quite expensive to have a subscription in the audible app to listen to different audiobooks. In that case, you can simply use our audible audiobook converter to convert the audible protected audiobooks into a normal file format. In this way, you won't need any audible app to listen to different audiobooks and you can simply change the aax audiobooks into M4A or any extension you want. It will also keep all the metadata as it is and you can also save the chapters as it was given in the audible itself. But you will be able to edit this metadata and chapters at your convenience in the audible audiobook converter. In this article, we will tell you more about this software and the several advantages you can get out of it.

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What are the functions of an Audible audiobook converter?

It can remove the DRM

DRM protection is used by different audiobook apps to save their files from any kind of malpractices. It will help the app to limit the usage of a particular audiobook. If an audiobook is DRM protected then you won't be able to play it anywhere else than the audiobook platform. This is the main reason why almost all audiobook apps use DRM protection to make their files protected in such a way that no one can use them without subscribing to their services. But if you use an audible audiobook converter then we will help you to remove that DRM protection from the audio file. Because the audible app is quite expensive and everyone cannot afford to have a subscription in this app to listen to different audiobooks. And we are here to help them with a simple solution. We will remove the DRM protection from the audiobook files present in the audible app and you will be able to enjoy listening to the audiobook from anywhere anytime. Generally, audiobooks are in AA or aax format in the audible. By using an audible audiobook converter you can quickly remove the DRM protection from it and then the audiobook can be played in any type of MP3 player.

It can maintain the quality and speed

Sometimes people become quite sceptical about using an audible audiobook converter because they think that the quality will be low. But that is not true with an audible audiobook converter. It can preserve the quality of the audiobook in such a way that you will get a 100% real experience while listening to it. Moreover, it won't reduce the clarity of the audio. Because in the case of audiobooks you have to understand the words properly and that is why you must choose a converter which can preserve the quality in a better way. Except for the quality, an audible audiobook converter can do the conversion at quite a high speed. It can even have a speed of 700X for your convenience. Sometimes the audiobook files are quite large and that is why you may think that the audible audiobook converter will take a lot of time to convert the file for you. But actually, it will take very little time to convert an audio file because of its high-speed performance. You will also be able to edit the bit rate and the sample rate of the file as per your need.

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It can convert to any extension

All the audible audiobooks are in aa or aax format. And those formats are not supported in the normal MP3 player because audible creates separate protection to safeguard their files from malpractices. But if you use an audible audiobook converter then you will be able to convert the AA or aax format into some convenient MP3, M4A or M4B format. These formats can be played in any type of audio player anytime. So that will be a convenient option for anyone who will use the audible audiobook converter to listen to different audiobooks available out there. You may think that the cover image and the chapters will get changed during the conversion. But in the case of our software audible audiobook converter, it will not be changed at all. You will get all the chapters as it is and the cover image of your audiobook. And this will eventually enhance the experience for you. This audible audiobook converter will also preserve the metadata containing the details like copyright, artist, year, album, title and comments. You can edit them according to your preference any time after the conversion.

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It is quite user-friendly

When you will launch the audible audiobook converter you won't have to load the audiobooks separately. It will load all the audiobooks available in your library automatically. You just have to select the books you want to listen to so that it can convert them according to your preferred format. And after you select them you just have to click on the option convert. You will get some advanced settings as well in this audible audiobook converter which will help you to improve the user experience to a great extent. The first improvisation is it can do the super-fast conversion in a lossless manner. And after that, it can split the large files into specific durations or chapters according to your convenience. You won't need any audible app or authorisation. You can even convert the complete collection of audiobooks by audible audiobook converter by the batch conversion method. You can edit the metadata of the audio files later on and simply keep the chapters available in audiobooks even after the conversion. This audible audiobook converter works well in both Windows and Mac and you can convert very large size audiobooks just with a simple click.

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Can I convert an audiobook of 60-hour duration?

Yes. This audible audiobook converter will help you to convert very large audio files quite simply. You just have to choose the audiobook you want to convert and you are good to go. Audible audiobook converter will also keep all the metadata in that and that is why you can split the audiobook as per your convenience.

Will I get all the chapters of the audiobook intact?

Yes. Audible audiobook converter will keep all the chapters at as it is even after the conversion. Whenever it will convert the large files it will keep all the chapters, image and metadata including different details regarding the audiobook unchanged. So you will get all the chapters of the audiobooks saved.

What will be the conversion speed of the software?

The conversion speed is quite high for this audible audiobook converter. It can even go up to 700X which is quite a high speed for any audiobook converter available out there. So even if you have large files and you are thinking that it will take a long time then that is completely wrong for this software.


These are the basic details of the audible audiobook converter we are offering. It is one of the best in the market and also quite user-friendly. So if you want a perfect amalgamation of the simplicity and advanced settings then this audible audiobook converter can be the best choice for you. It is available for both Windows and Mac. So anyone can choose this as their major audible audiobook converter to enjoy listening to different audiobooks without subscribing to the audible app. you just have to download the audible audiobook converter and choose the books you want to convert to some convenient audio files. And once the conversion is done you can enjoy listening to different audiobooks from any device.