Apple Music Converter

How to play Apple Music on Sonos

As an audio ecosystem, Sonos works well with many different music streaming services,such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Google Play Music, just to name a few. (You can check out the full list of streaming services here ).

Method 1 Use Airplay

Make sure the Sonos and iOS device are connected to the same Wi-fi network. Open Music app on your iOS device, tap the AirPlay icon AirPlay icon, then choose the Sonos.

Method 2 Add Apple Music to Sonos app

Follow below steps to add Apple Music to Sonos.

iOS or Android:

  1. Open the Sonos app.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice .
  3. Under Music & Content , tap Add a Service .
  4. Tap Apple Music.
  5. Tap Add to Sonos .
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in your Apple Music account.

Mac or PC:

  1. Open the Sonos app.
  2. Under the Select a M<usic Source section, click on Add Music Services .
  3. Click on Apple Music.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the music service account.

Apple Music should now appear in the "Browse" section of your Sonos app. You can browse by artists, albums, songs, or playlists. Now you can listen to Apple Music with Sonos. You can enjoy all of Apple Music’s main features on Sonos, with access to the entire Apple Music catalog and your library, including:

  • Listen to 75 million songs
  • Curated playlists updated daily
  • Tune in to live radio hosted by artists on Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country global livestreams
  • Access your entire library

Method 3 Stream from your music library

Apparently once you cancel Apple Music subscription, you can't stream Apple Music on Sonos with above way. However, if you download Apple Music to MP3 before cancelling subscription, you can still stream the songs on Sonos, as Sonos allow you to stream your music library from any computer , or network attached storage drive , to your Sonos system. This article will show you how to download Apple Music songs to MP3 and then play them using the Sonos app for macOS or Windows.

Step 1 Convert Apple Music to MP3 via Pazu Apple Music Converter

Pazu Apple Music Converter is designed for Apple Music users to download and convert Apple Music songs to common M4A , MP3 , AAC , FLAC , WAV , AIFF format without quality loss. It can preserve all ID3 tags including title, artist, artwork, track number. Follow below steps to see how to download Apple Music songs, albums and playlists to MP3 files.

Apple Music Converter

Pazu Apple Music Converter

  • Download Apple Music to MP3, M4A, etc.
  • Preserve 100% original quality.
  • Keep all ID3 tags.
  • Fast download speed.

Step By Step tutorial to download Apple Music to MP3

Step By Step tutorial to download Apple Music to MP3


Download, install and run Pazu Apple Music Converter on your Mac or Windows.

Apple Music Converter

Click the key icon to activate the full version if you have purchased a license, otherwise you can only use the trial version.

Apple Music Converter

Step 2 Log in your Apple Music account

Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with your Apple ID.

sign in Apple Music account

Step 3 Choose output format

The default format is M4A in 256kbps. Apple Music Converter also supports MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. Click icon if you want to change output format or output folder.

Apple Music song format

Here you can also customize song name format with any combination of Playlist Index, Track Number, Title, Artist and Album.

file name format

Or set Pazu Apple Music Converter to archive output song with Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist.

organize songs

Step 4 Choose a playlist, artist or album you want to download

Follow the instructions to choose a playlist, artist, or album that you want to download.

open a playlist

Step 5 Add songs

Click the Add button to select songs for converting.

add songs

All songs in the playlist or album are selected by default. Uncheck the songs you don't want to download if there are any, then click Convert button.

open a playlist

If you are using the trial version, you will get below pop-up window indicating trial version limitations, just click Try if you haven't purchased a license.

trial version

The songs you selected will be downloaded to the format you want.

convert Apple Music songs

After conversion, click to quickly locate the DRM-free Apple Music songs.

convert Apple Music songs

Click to view all downloaded songs. You can check them by converted date, artist or album.

convert Apple Music songs

Step 6 Stream download Apple Music songs to Sonos from your computer

  1. Open the Sonos app for macOS or Windows.
  2. From the Manage menu, select Music Library Settings .
  3. Click + (plus) on macOS, or Add if you are using Windows.
  4. If you use iTunes or are not sure where your music is stored, select My Music folder . If your music is not located in the My Music folder , select the appropriate option.
  5. Type in your computer’s password if prompted and follow the on-screen instructions to complete adding your music library. Depending on the size of your music library, it may take several minutes to index.

Tip: How to Set up your Sonos system

Before you start

  1. Place your Sonos One in your desired location and connect it to power.
  2. Download the Sonos app for iOS or Android. The app will guide you through the set up process.

Set up a new Sonos system with Sonos

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Tap Set up a new system , then create or sign in to your Sonos account.
  3. Tap Add on the popup showing your Sonos product. If using the Sonos S1 Controller, tap Continue > Set up products .
  4. Follow the steps in the app to set up Sonos One and add your music and voice services.

Add Sonos to your existing Sonos system

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System > Add Product .
  3. Follow the steps in the app to connect Sonos One to your Sonos system.

Use Sonos app on your phone or tablet to set up your Sonos system for the first time or add a new product to your existing system. The app will guide you through the set up process. Sonos app for Mac or PC can't set up a new system, but they can be used to control your Sonos system after you’ve finished setup with a mobile app.