How to play Spotify on Apple TV

How you get Spotify on your Apple TV will depend on your Apple TV model. Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD can both download the Spotify app directly, while you'll need to use an external device to stream Spotify on older models. Identify your Apple TV model.

Method 1 Via Spotify app on Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

1. Open the App Store from your Apple TV Home screen.

2. Search Spotify from the top-right of the screen

3. Click on "Get" or "Install" to download Spotify. If you've downloaded the app previously, it will instead show a cloud with an arrow coming out of it.

4. Once downloaded, launch the app. Log into your account.

5. When you click on "Log In," a screen will give you a code that you can use to pair your Spotify account.

6. On any device with an internet browser, whether it be your phone or computer, go to and log into your Spotify account.

7. Once logged in, enter the code from your Apple TV into the box above the "PAIR" button, then click on "PAIR."

8. The website will process your request. Once done, it will say "Your device has been successfully paired."

Method 2 Via AirPlay

This method applies to all Apple TV models, including Apple TV 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Generation. Older Apple TV models don't have App Store, so can't installed new apps. In this case, you will need to use the AirPlay feature, which is native to almost every Apple device, to stream Spotify music to Apple TV.

1. Your iPhone or iPad and the Apple TV must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Go to your Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad and select or launch a song.

3. Next to the “Current Song” field, press the down arrow.

4. There you will get to the “Available devices” section. Then you have to select your Apple TV to start the stream via “AirPlay”.

Method 3 Download Spotify to MP3

Older Apple TV models 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Generation don't support Spotify app, but they have USB port for you to play local music . Here we will teach you how to download Apple Music songs to MP3 and play them on Apple TV from USB.

Pazu Spotify Converter downloads Spotify songs to plain MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AIFF with all ID3 tags. This tool is quite easy to use. No matter using a free version or premium version, you can use it to download Spotify songs at 10X faster speed on PC/Mac. Another highlight feature of this tool is its high-quality output files. Thanks to this software, you can download Spotify songs for free and burn them to CD. Now read on the following tutorial to find out how to burn Spotify music to CD with the help of Pazu Spotify Converter.

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Step 1 Run Pazu Spotify Converter

Download, install and run Pazu Spotify Converter on your Mac or Windows. Log in your Spotify account with the built-in Spotify web player.

spotify converter

Step 2 Add Spotify songs to Pazu Spotify Converter

Browse songs, albums or playlists you want to download from the built-in Spotify web player.

drag&drop spotify songs

Step 3 Change the Output Settings

Now, click on the Settings cogwheel from the top-right corner to select the output format. On Auto mode, it will save the file in M4A format. For MP3 and AAC, you can also set the output quality, depending on the song. You may also change the output folder, the title, and the organizing criteria.

spotify song format

Step 4 Convert Spotify Songs

Click the Convert button to start downloading Spotify songs in MP3 format.

remove Spotify DRM

Once the conversion is done, click the folder icon to find the downloaded More Life mp3 songs. You can then play them anywhere you want.

Spotify DRM free

Part 2 Burn downloaded Spotify MP3 music to CD

There are two popular ways of burning music onto CD. If you have access to a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive, downloaded Spotify songs, a blank CD, and a media player, then you can burn a CD.

Method 1 Burn Spotify Music to CD with Windows Media Player

Step 1 Insert a blank CD into the disc drive of your computer.

Step 2 Open Windows Media Player (WMP). This can be accessed from Start > All Apps (All Programs in Windows 7 and earlier) > Windows Media Player.

Step 3 Press the Burn button on the right. The Burn panel will appear on the right.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Step 4 Drag and drop the downloaded Spotify songs to the burn list.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Step 5 Click the menu in the Burn panel, and select Audio CD from the menu.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Step 6 Press the “Start Burn” button. The CD burn process will begin.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Method 2 Burn Spotify Music to CD with iTunes

Step 1 Open iTunes. Go to File > New > Playlist to create a playlist. Enter a name for the playlist. Drag and drop the downloaded Spotify songs into the playlist.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Step 2 Insert a blank CD. In iTunes, go to File > Burn Playlist to Disc. This will open the “Burn Settings” menu.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

Step 3 Select Audio CD from the format list. Press the Burn button. After completion, the disc will eject automatically and be ready for playback.

Burn Spotify Music to CD

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Note: The free trial version of Pazu Spotify Converter enables you to convert the first three minutes of each song. You can remove the trial limitation by purchasing the full version.

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